About Us


We have found that events are our passion

We always feel enthusiastic with each request, as for us, it is not only an opportunity to do business, but also to show  the world the beauty of our wonderful country .With over 15 years of experience in the MICE industry ,we can offer our clients unique proposals full of alternative options to suit any budget, and we can guarantee successful itineraries as well a seamless execution of each event.* Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE)

We are dreamers! We are convinced the impossible can be turned into reality. Our aim is to achieve travel experiences. We  can access to the most reserved secrets of our country for our clients to get an “insiders” approach to our culture. In our planning we love to interact with artists, artisans, musicians, actors, cooks, dancers and all those individuals who can give a different perspective to the ordinary.

That is our secret… to keep our minds active and inspired to offer unique programs.

We like to think of ourselves as interpreters who will  process  your ideas and put them in motion, supplying international-standard production conditions. We have acquired considerable knowledge and professional know-how in the design, development and management of a wide variety of VIP Events. Both in terms of number (large or small), and complexity, as well as creative content and solutions.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

The world is changing all around constantly. To continue to thrive as a DMC in such a changing environment we must understand the new trends and motivations that will for sure shape our business in the future. We must look ahead and be prepared today for tomorrow.

Our Mission

To show Argentina’s natural wonders

To create and inspire events with moments of optimism and happiness

To give extra value and always make a difference


Our vision serves as a compass that will guide every aspect of our business in order to achieve a sustainable growth.

o    Partnership: Between us and clients to nature a winning relationship for the benefit of both parties.

o    Loyalty and Honesty: That is part of our Bible to make our business grow in the short and long term. It is the only way we know to relate with others.

o    Accountability:  We are responsible citizens that are mindful in our overall responsibilities,  to achieve highly effective business transactions while being transparent and solid.

o    Focus on the market: Listen, observe and learn. Be insatiably curious to provide better travel experiences to our clients.

Values: Our values are how we behave in the world, and our daily goals.

o    Work Smart and efficiently

o    Passion in live and mind

o    Quality first

o    Be real

o    Have the courage to change things when need it




Passion for Event DMC E.V.T ID:16128 SRL

Paraguay 1484, 2º Office 2

Buenos Aires / Argentina

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