Argentina A la Carte

Argentina is a great country and offers a wonderful menu of options, to cater for a very diverse audience. This is an invitation to discover Argentina´s very diverse landscapes. From vast deserts to glaciers, endless mountain chains to thundering waters, Gaucho feasts on the Pampas; lunches on the islands of the Delta of the Parana River; banquets in gracious surroundings; dinner in small restaurants; wine tastings; adventure tourism, penguin, elephant-seal and whale watching, scenic wonders of the Andes, imposing waterfalls of Iguazu; great golf, tennis and polo clubs; life on a ranch; journeys through the Andean lakes and over the highest mountain passes to Chile, visit to the southernmost city of the world and access to Antarctica are some of the attractions which can be included in new itineraries.
Take advantage of a country like Argentina, its full of opportunities!



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