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Argentina`s lake district, is situated 1,600 kilometers (a 2 hour flight time) South West from Buenos Aires. Here the great Andes mountains spread into a landlocked lake area of sophisticated scenic contrasts.

Nature blends in a way that it is home to some of the country´s most spectacular scenery. It is a land of quiet beauty, of warm hearts and of youthful energy. Huge forest and glaciers fed lakes, makes Bariloche and the whole area a picture-postcard location.

El Camino de los 7 Lagos, (The seven lake´s drive), a scenic drive that will take you away from the crowds to the lake-side Villas: La Angostura, San Martin de los Andes and Traful, a perfect combination to Bariloche and more nature discovery..

The range of activities in this area includes skiing, fishing, golf, walking, mountain climbing, windsurfing, rafting, canppy, Condor watching, horseback riding and more.